GOT7 Fan Meet in San Fransisco

The San Francisco GOT7 Fan Meet was on May 6th at the Warfield Theater. This was their first fanmeet here in America and just a few days before they had performed for the first time at the Korea Times Music Festival in LA.
1923052_926397977425153_496314366_nFor me this was also my first time in SF, and even though I didn’t have time to go site-seeing I still had fun meeting fellow I-GOT7’s at the venue~

Before they let us in for the show they had set up two lines; one for those that had the Jazzy Superstar Membership (which I was in), and the other for those that didn’t.. They were supposed to open the doors at 7 and let those with the membership go in first, but for some reason they opened the doors at almost 8 and let both lines in at once which caused a lot of chaos in my opinion.
Those of us who had the hi-touch and photo-op opportunities had to go into another line once inside to get our correct wristbands…. Which was another problem because they had no big sign to tell you which line was which and only had two people give in the wristbands/checking off people’s names.
In the end they gave up and just handed everyone in line a wrist band not checking any confirmation email and just trying to get everyone in their seats.
I had just got to my seat and I’m not kidding when I say not even a second later that I sat down the show started.

11304188_926398120758472_1645501086_n~During the show~
After the intro video finished Got7 came on stage and performed ‘Stop Stop It’ and right after performed ‘Gimme’. The boys then came back on stage; introduced themselves and then sat down to answer questions the fans had left on sticky notes for them. After answering questions and performing different requests from fans the boys drew seat numbers from a box to select a few lucky winners~
Got7 then got ready to perform their next song, ‘Forever Young’ followed by ‘Magnetic’. They took another break and two fans came on stage to surprise BamBam with a birthday cake.
Then the lucky winners from the raffle got to come up on stage and play some games with the boys; like “magical” chairs as Jackson called it lol
After getting to play with their fans, Got7 performed their final two songs of the night, ‘A’ + ‘Girls Girls Girls’. When the boys left the stage the crowd of fans started ch12076860_987337811331169_785978215_neering for an encore to which the boys delivered an amazing encore performance for everyone by performing JJ Project’s debut song, ‘Bounce’! …Followed by a remix version of ‘A’~
10564893_926398127425138_2100246275_nOnce the encore ended the boys left the stage for the last time and the lights came on much to the fans dismay and the staff started clearing out the venue with the exception of those of us with hi-touch/photo-op wristbands.
Hi-touch winners were let on stage first as that was the quickest and for me getting to be so close to the boys was such an amazing opportunity (and their hands were so soft ;-;). Everything went by so quick that I forgot everything I wanted to try and say to them but it was still an amazing night and we got a free poster from the event as well~

More Photos. 



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