[Review] My Lip Tint Pack by MinJoon

I LOVE THESE! Now I always had a really hard time finding a good lip tint that didn’t smear around and was actually more of a stain than a gloss or lipstick. I got the whole set that includes the colors Virgin Red, Vivid Scarlet, Lovely Peach, Pure Pink, Bubble Pink, and Sexy Red. My Favorites are Lovely Peach and Sexy Red.


Virgin Red, is your very normal Red color, it is very soft and isn’t like BAM red, its very playful but also could be used for a sexier fierce look.

Vivid Scarlet is almost very in between Red and Orange.. Its amazingly pretty though.

Lovely Peach, Its a very Orange Peach, and I love it, Its not very orange and strange looking

but I find this one to look amazing on my skin, since I have very Winter colored skin, it really warms up my skin tone and makes me look a little more alive and not so dead.


Pure Pink, Now this is your neon pink, its very pink, I find it to match my normal lip color a little too much to really use it very much, but I do like it.

Bubble Pink, Its very bubble gum colored, I have heard a lot of people say that the two pink colors smell worse than the rest, but I don’t really notice that.

Sexy Red, I LOVE this color, its very I just ate a bunch of cherries and now my lips are stained color. Its very Cherry more than Red, but its very stuttle and not BAM Dark lips! It is the sexiest of them all.

Now with these lip tints, you apply them, wait 10-15 minutes and then peal them off, and they stain your lips. So if you are going out for the day, its best to try these on a day before just incase you don’t like it. I have almost used all of my Sexy Red up, which is okay because each color is sold seprately. I got the whole set pack for around $40 on Amazon. with 2 day shipping. DO NOT BUY THESE ONLINE IN THE SUMMER, I came home an hour after the mail man came and I had to leave them in the fridge for 2 hours to chill down because the heat melted them.

They do stain hands, I’m not too sure about clothing, but I’m not willing to ruin anything to see if they do. These are a must have for Summer in Vegas. It gets hot, you really don’t want make up on your face because you get sweaty, but these are perfect. At first they can be a bit awkward to use, because your used to just putting your lip stick on, and being done with it, but Its good to finish your face, put this on, do your hair and then peal it off and be set for the day/night. My friends enjoy them as well, and have bought them too.

The taste horrible, so don’t lick your lips. They last for a good 8+ hours. Keep your lips hydrated during the day, use your favorite clear gloss or chap-stick to really shine up your lips. I noticed that if you have chap-stick on before putting these on, they won’t stain as well, and won’t dry faster either, and just rub off. so start with dry lips and then hydrate after applying.

I heard of this product through Megan Bowen AKA ChoNunMigookSaram on youtube, and with her recommendation I had to try them, and now I am recommending them to you.

I give them 10/10~~





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