BIGBANG MADE Tour in Las Vegas


big-bang-2015-made-world-tourBIGBANG! October 2nd, 2015 BIGBANG Hosted their FIRST Concert in Las Vegas, Nevada! Though they have been here to film music videos such as Tonight, and for vacation, it was amazing to have them here for a concert! They arrived in Las Vegas on September 30th, at McCarran International Airport (Video X).

The concert was held at Mandalay Bay Event Center. Fans from near and far came to see this once in a life time experience. We found a lot of fans from Mexico, Brazil, Canada and even Australia! There wasn’t a bad seat in the venue, and it was amazing to hear everyone sing and hype up BIGBANG before they got onto the stage. There was a lot of video clips in between songs that told a small story.


At first I wasn’t going to attend this concert, which was a huge bummer, but Iris had surprised me to the point of tears with a ticket to the event. I am forever grateful. This was my FIRST K-Pop concert, and I’m not sure if anything will ever top this! I got to finally see T.O.P say “YOU LIKE VEGAS?!” Which I have been longing for a good long while! Iris and I actually got to talk to the Nutty Nomads which was really cool, they were so sweet and nice! We were very shocked by how many K-Pop Youtubers came to Vegas! I hope they enjoyed it here! We hope BIGBANG makes their way back to Vegas for another Tour or Music Video, we will welcome them with arms wide open!

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