Show Me The Money 4 LA Concert


September 10, 2015 Show Me The Money 4 concert in Los Angeles!

Hey guys! Patty here. I know this is a little delayed but i just wanted to share my experience at SMTM4 in LA.

Ace and I took a very, very, VERY last minute trip to LA to go see this show. I kinda actually dragged a friend with me because I wanted to support David Kim, aka DayDay and she is the only I knew who can drive. So! I bought our tickets for the show and we left around 12 in the afternoon the day of the concert.Ticket comformation

After getting stuck in traffic for awhile we had finally made it to Club Nokia with a bit of time to spare so we got in line to pick up our tickets then headed over to starbucks to use the restroom. Which is when we noticed that there was a problem with our tickets. We had bought sitting seats but our tickets said standing.

While waiting for the problem to be solved we had gotten the chance to meet a few people. One of those people was Dumbfoundead. If you guys don’t know, he’s a hip hop artist, more known for his hosting at KCON and Danny from LA.

Daniel aka Drama, former member of Dalmatian, showed up to support David as well as the other artists of SMTM4. Being a huge fan, I noticed him right away. With a push from my friend, I went up to ask for a photo and autograph from him. He seemed truly grateful to meet a fan and was totally willing to sign my album and take pictures.Daniel and Sarang

After the whole ticket problem was finally fixed, we headed inside and ended up being in the very last row of the balcony. If you have a fear of heights like i do, then i highly recommend not getting your tickets last minute because those seats were really high up.

Something I noticed was the difference between the fans for this concert and normal “K-Pop” concerts. A majority of the fans we saw were Korean. Whether they came directly from Korea or lived in the area, we’re not sure, but there were definitely more of them than international fans.

On to the concert!

In all honesty, I was a little too haggard and hyped up to remember everything that happened so we’ll give you a run down of some of the highlights!

  • Basick, winner of SMTM4, opened up the concert. He got everyone hyped up and ready to party.
  • When Jinusean took to the stage, they got so into it that Sean just had to throw off his shirt.
  • During one of Jay Park and Loco’s songs a fan threw her panties on stage and Jay picked them up said “Oh shit” dropped them then went back to dancing.
  • AOMG came out to perform RESPECT but all we could do was stare at David (and his funny expressions).
  • Tablo by himself is a highlight. He did a lot of talking and interacting with the audience, only performing a total of 3 songs (Born Hater, Light Me Up, Eyes Nose Lips) and promoting the Epik High concert.
  • San-E tempting the audience with his hat to get them to cheer louder. Even without the incentive, I’m sure he could’ve gotten us to scream since he’s the “Rap Jesus”.
  • Verbal Jint surprised us all by bringing out Sanchez, a member of Phantom.



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