Springs Preserve Asian Heritage Celebration 2015

Celebrating Asian heritage with Springs Preserve! First we would like to thank Springs for allowing KSKP to preform and letting us hDSCN4340elp with crafts. This event had lots of food, crafts, performances, and even free Sake tasting!

We started the day pretty early! Patty and the help of A LOT of volunteers, helped kids make awesome Korean Masks! It was awesome to see everyone color their masks how they wished to. Sarang and a friend even wrote the children’s names in Hangul for them! DSCN4485

At Noon KSKP preformed with a K-Pop Evolution dance! We had the pleasure of dancing with A Wild Clinton, for this dance! You can see our performance here. Ace made an amazing track for our 10 minute dance!

For me this was my first time at the Springs Asian Heritage festival. As said above my friend and I were helping with the Korean mask crafts. We didn’t have time to look around the festival at all which was a bit disappointing since I have never been there before. We did meet fellow Kpoppers tho! Some girls walked in to see what we were doing and she had a B.A.P shirt on!! How cool is that? XD

It was great to have been able to help bring some Korean culture to the Springs this year and I hope next year we can do more? This was really just a great opportunity to teach the community a little something of the Korean traditional masks and writing the children’s names in 한글.


MinJoon POV- HOLY COWS!! Performing for Springs was AMAZING! I did happen to fall a little bit, but I will practice and prefect my dancing for next time! It was quite hot outside that day, EXTREMELY HOT. Vegas heat is no joke! I had a lot of fun dancing up on stage, even if it was hot, and I messed up, all that matters is we had fun! The staff was all too friendly and it really helped us not feel so nervous about the dance, they had a nice intro for our group as well! We hope to return next year with more dances and crafts!

MinJoon & Patty


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