[Music] Top 10 of 2015

Hello everyone! 2015 is officially over! Are you all excited for 2016?! We sure are! There are lots and lots of cool events and music coming out! We hope you follow us along the way and enjoy this year as much as we will!

These are some of the songs that we felt were the best of 2015, though this is just our opinion, please tell us what your top 10 is! How similar are our lists?


Patty’s List~
Ain’t No LoveHomme
9. StormM.A.P6
8. High UpHigh Brow & Dok2
7. 아무도모르게(Without Anyone Knowing) – MCMorg
6. OMGTMadTown
5. Boys & GirlsZico & Babylon
4. Sour GrapesSan E & Mad Clown
3. You Know Jay Park
2. Chained UpVIXX
1. Young, Wild,  & Free B.A.P


MinJoon’s List~
10. 4 Wallsf(x)
9. Zero for Conduct – Block B – Bastarz
8. Oh Ahh Twice
7. MansaeSeventeen
5. Calling LoveSuran ft. Beenzino
4. LonelyN.Flying
3. Hero Monsta X
2. Chained UpVIXX
1. Run BTS


HAPPY 2016!! 



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