[Review] Dermal Collagen Essence Sheet Masks by MinJoon

Hello! So today I am going to go over Dermal‘s Collagen Masks. I got a pack of 16 of them on Amazon, and there is so many different kinds! I’ll go over a few of them, since there are so many, I don’t want this to go on forever. Each mask is in Korean, English and Japanese.

Each pack does something different, they have Moisturizing, Convergence, Brightening, Firming, Regeneration, Soothing, Refining, and some that I’m sure just don’t make sense due to translation, such as, Health, Nutrition, and Mild. Each does 3 things (i.e. Pearl does Moisturizing, Convergence, and Brightening)

Since I only got 16 of them, I was not able to get all the ones Dermal has to offer in the same series(each mask is linked), such as Wine, Pomegranate, Red Ginseng, Grape, Arbutin, Seaweed, Aqua, Acerola, Apricot, Moisture Facial, Rose, Strawberry, Cherry Blossom, BambooVegetable Placenta, Natto, Bee VenomHoney GrapefruitOlive, Acai Blueberry, Milk, and Ginkgo; leaving that being 39 in total. On the back of each pack is a number as well. On Dermal’s site, each sheet is 1,000₩ (won), which is about 86 cents, or a $1. I got 16 packs for $12.29, which is about the same I would pay if I got them straight from the Dermal site. You can see Dermal’s site here x, and they do have all their stuff in Korean, English and  Japanese.

One of the first ones I used is Royal Jelly, which says to refine, moisturize and give back some nutrition in the skin. It smells almost like sweet honey, but the scent is so faint it’s hard to tell exactly. It is a bit sticky, but some serums range from being sticky to being very watery, so I wasn’t too concerned. During the 15-20 minutes you should keep the mask on, I could feel my skin becoming very hydrated, it was just drinking this mask up! So, after 15 minutes, I checked to see if the mask was super dry or still a bit moist, since it was a bit moist, I left it on for a total of 25 minutes. I removed the mask and patted the remaining serum into my skin as directed, and my skin felt so different, it felt super soft and just moisturized! It really made a big different in hydrating my skin. Also, after my face was completely dried the stickiness was completely gone.

Another mask I used is Hyaluronate. Now if my years of high school science taught me anything, it would be that Hyaluronate is salt in hyaluronic acid, which helps your skin look younger. The pack says that it is Firming, Moisturizing and mild. It has a soft sweet scent that I cannot put my finger on, but I like the smell of it. This mask hydrated my skin amazingly, and it also it up a bit too, not enough to look totally different, but you feel different. (i.e. When you wake up your skin is kind of puffy and wrinkly, and as you start to wake up, your skin slowly goes back to how it was, That is what the mask did, just smoothed it out a bit)

You see and feel differences with these masks. I use one a week just so I’m not wasting them and I can see the different they really make. I really do recommend these collagen masks! I am giving these masks a 10 out of 10, for extreme moisturizing, being fair priced and having THREE languages to go off, AND from what I’ve read online, they are cruelty free!




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