[Music] MinJoon’s Monthly Top 10 – May 2018

After taking a ridiculously long break from this, I thought it would be a grand idea if I sparked this flame back to life. It is now the end of a very hot May here in Las Vegas, which makes it a great time to sit back, have a lemonade and listen to some tunes. Just a reminder that being 1 on the list does not mean it’s better than number 10, its just numbered in the order that I remember them. Edit: I set this to be a scheduled post, but it never posted, so I’m sorry that it’s being posted late!


10. You and IDreamcatcher
Dreamcatcher is on point with their style for all of their comebacks. I love the darkness and the fashion they bring to the stage. They have a bunch of sounds that sound almost similar to Japanese Visual Kei Rock, which I adore because you are getting the best of both worlds.

9. Love YaHyukoh
Okay I love this music video. It’s so cute, it’s filled with lovers of different ages, genders, races, and cultures. It’s super laid back, the set is like a get together, and I love the vintage style to it. Who doesn’t just love love? And there is a cute dog in it! It’s just a big party of love, romantic, platonic, and family Love.

8. How R U TodayN. Flying 
With beautiful scenic shots and a soft flow chill vibe, this MV is great. It’s got this soft blur focus and very aesthetic theme. I am digging the boost and blur filter through out the MV. I feel like I am going to sing this when I talk to people now, and I’m totally okay with that. I honestly love when MVs are shot out in nature, it just gives a good vibe.

7. Bingle BangleAOA
I am such a sucker for 8bit and video game themed MVs. This is super cute in how they incorporated the 8bit game characters into real live scenarios, instead of just making the whole MV in 8bit. Also, they are playing a game cube, that’s awesome!

6. OUTCASTSouth Club
It seems this month was full of very vintage filters and styles in MV, which I love, I live for this aesthetic. Taehyun is wearing the boyfriend tee, its got a super chill laid back theme to the MV. It’s filmed outside, the girls in the MV are beautiful. I love this.

5. DramaticNTB
Again with the beautiful filters on these MVs, they are so aesthetically pleasing. This is my first time hearing of NTB, but I really dig this song, the dance has a lot of the popular moves in it, such as the shoot dance. Beautiful scenic shots, playful boy running the town shots; overall its cute and modern, and I find myself singing the chorus as I type this.

4. Bonnie N Clyde24K
I was honestly waiting for this comeback since Cory was dropping hints on his IG. I will admit, it wasn’t in till the second time listening to it that I started to like it; it is a lot all at once. I enjoy the car aspects in this MV, and as always, 24k always gets me with their dancing skills.

maxresdefault (1)
3. SelfishMoonbyul of MAMAMOO ft. Seulgi of Red Velvet
In this MV I love that they brought in some of Red Velvet’s fashion style but MAMAMOO’s silly hang out type music video style. It’s a nice balance between the two girls. Also, more video games! I am glad to see Moonbyul finding her style as a rapper and stepping out to do her own song, she’s an amazing singer and rapper, so hopefully this shows the world that it’s okay that she is selfish with her talents and how she uses them.

2. Good EveningSHINee
This song has such an amazing beat to it, and it feels really good to see SHINee back again. From the oranges to short hair, this is a very visual MV, there isn’t any defined story line, which is fine, its a beautiful music video regardless. I love the over all tone and color of this MV, its fun but chill, and it looks like there is a tad bit of angst in it as you see Key beating the piano keys.

1. Fake Love BTS
So, for this MV, I found out that the director didn’t use any CGI, all the fire, water, explosions are 100% real. That is honestly amazing, it can get pretty pricey for that kind of stuff, and they pulled it off flawlessly. Not only is the MV true to it’s element, it was also debuted at the BBMAs here in Las Vegas, and the album hit No.1 on the BillBoard music charts. It’s also nice to see dark haired BTS again, and they seem to really be enjoying it. I will point out, that I wish I could buy BTS their contacts, more natural looking ones, cause it does weird me out that their contacts are just…. off, but that’s just a personal thing. Also, abs, didn’t know we were bring that back but I’m down.




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