Great Introduction KHIPHOP artists

List: Top 5 K-HIP HOP artists you should listen to get into it!

This list is in no particular order:




DPR Live is semi-new in the Khiphop realm but he really hit it off. DPR Live is very popular for good reason. Good beats? Check. Good Flow? Check. Catchy? Definitely. He really knows what he’s doing and it shows. DPR Live is a great starting point in khiphop because it is rap but it isn’t harsh and is pleasant to listen to. I always try to recommend him to my kpop friends.


#4. Dean

Song: Dean – Instagram


Dean is a staple of krnb and has been for years. He has such an amazing voice and he uses it well. He does many collabs that are all so uniquely beautiful—my favorite being his collab with Suran, 1+1=0. Dean is a great way to get into krnb because he opens the door to many other artists you probably didn’t know. He is really amazing at what he does.


#3. GRAY (and an honorable mention Loco)

Song: Loco and Gray – Late Night–_w


Gray is an amazing krnb/khiphop artist that got more well known by being on Show Me the Money 5 (an amazing show btw). He is from the company AOMG (started by Jay Park and Simon Dominic) which is home to many great artists. Gray and Loco are an amazing starting point because they show you the world that is AOMG and they are truly amazing singers and rappers.


#2. Zion.T

Song: Zion.T – The Song


Zion.T is my personal favorite krnb artist because of his great voice and music videos. He is always seen in sunglasses in his videos which I think is kind of nice in a strange way. Zion.T is a great way to get into krnb because he is a classic artist that really knows what he is doing and makes amazing songs only.


#1. Crush

Song: Crush – Woo Ah


Speaking of Classic Krnb artists, Crush! He is another staple of this genre. He has so many hits, it’s incredible. Crush has an absolutely amazing voice. He also does amazing collabs. Another thing about Crush is he can do any type of song: ballad, fast, anything and it will sound good. He is a good starting point because he is just a truly talented man.


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