Great Introduction KHIPHOP artists

List: Top 5 K-HIP HOP artists you should listen to get into it!

This list is in no particular order:




DPR Live is semi-new in the Khiphop realm but he really hit it off. DPR Live is very popular for good reason. Good beats? Check. Good Flow? Check. Catchy? Definitely. He really knows what he’s doing and it shows. DPR Live is a great starting point in khiphop because it is rap but it isn’t harsh and is pleasant to listen to. I always try to recommend him to my kpop friends.


#4. Dean

Song: Dean – Instagram


Dean is a staple of krnb and has been for years. He has such an amazing voice and he uses it well. He does many collabs that are all so uniquely beautiful—my favorite being his collab with Suran, 1+1=0. Dean is a great way to get into krnb because he opens the door to many other artists you probably didn’t know. He is really amazing at what he does.


#3. GRAY (and an honorable mention Loco)

Song: Loco and Gray – Late Night–_w


Gray is an amazing krnb/khiphop artist that got more well known by being on Show Me the Money 5 (an amazing show btw). He is from the company AOMG (started by Jay Park and Simon Dominic) which is home to many great artists. Gray and Loco are an amazing starting point because they show you the world that is AOMG and they are truly amazing singers and rappers.


#2. Zion.T

Song: Zion.T – The Song


Zion.T is my personal favorite krnb artist because of his great voice and music videos. He is always seen in sunglasses in his videos which I think is kind of nice in a strange way. Zion.T is a great way to get into krnb because he is a classic artist that really knows what he is doing and makes amazing songs only.


#1. Crush

Song: Crush – Woo Ah


Speaking of Classic Krnb artists, Crush! He is another staple of this genre. He has so many hits, it’s incredible. Crush has an absolutely amazing voice. He also does amazing collabs. Another thing about Crush is he can do any type of song: ballad, fast, anything and it will sound good. He is a good starting point because he is just a truly talented man.


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[Music] Ella’s Top 10 Debuts of 2018

 10. PLT – Blah

I found PLT after they came out with Hocus Pocus in May. I really like this song because of its mixture of rap and vocals. Villian and Moti’s rapping mixed with June, Jung Jinwoo, and Gaho’s singing appeal to me. My favorite part of the song is the chorus. I also picked this song due to the great music video that comes along with it. The video is very aesthetic, showing the members as well as the city around them in a visually pleasing way. PLT’s videos have narrative connecting them together, which I do not completely understand it but it’s cool how they connect every video together.

9. LOONA – favOriTe

This debut had me very excited because it took Blockberry Creative 2 years to announce all of the members of the band. One of my favorite parts is the choreography and how it focuses on the member singing. It’s hard to balance line distribution with 12 members, but I wish they did a better job at giving every member their time to sing/rap. Overall though, this debut was very strong and made me– and most other fans– excited for what’s to come from LOONA.


8. (G)i-dle – La Ta Ta

These girls weren’t very popular yet they suddenly exploded onto the charts. It’s easy to see why with a great rap section– which you don’t see much nowadays with many cute girl groups– and a catchy chorus along with it. This video is pretty good, some parts have me slightly confused but that is somewhat normal. The majority of the video is the members dancing in various location with the rest being focused on the member singing. This song has made me like it more and more as I listen to it again and again.


7. Stray Kids – District 9

Once I heard Hellevator, I was very excited to see what this new JYP boy group could do. After seeing their 4 comebacks throughout the year I can say I’m impressed. They have released so many good songs and this is definitely in the top. I like the concept for the video, which is one that I haven’t seen before. The chorus is more of an EDM style but it isn’t too intense or  isn’t that bad.


6. UNB – Feeling

I really like UNB because I tried my best to watch the unit as it went on which made me excited to see both of the groups at the end. The chorus is my favorite part by far, it is very upbeat and has a way of making me very excited to listen to, I also really like intense choreography. The video is very aesthetic with a lot of dark colors like red, purple, and black. I really like this song because it is a combination of people from bands I really like, examples include; Hansol from Newkidd and Feeldog from Bigstar.


5. Lucente – Your Difference

This debut was one of my favorites. I didn’t know about this group until a little but before their debut, this debut would have gone under my radar unless I didn’t know about them beforehand. I love this concept and color’s used in the video, black, blue, and purple. They show all of the members well, by themselves and with the whole group. I also really like the pre-chorus and chorus, they are very intense which matches the concept nicely. I can’t wait to see more from this group.


4. D-Crunch – Palace

This 9 member group debuted with an intense style. The song consists of mainly rap but it’s not to over the top and it doesn’t get boring. The video is just them dancing, which is not a bad thing, and has a color scheme of black and red, trying to give off an intense vibe. They had a comeback in the second half of the year called Stealer which was one of my favorite songs of the year. I am very excited to see where these boys go in the future.


3. Noir – Gangsta

Noir is one of the more underrated groups of 2018. They have really good tracks but no one listens to them or knows they exists. This debut from them was very strong in my opinion. Have released a 2nd track, airplane mode, but I’m still excited to see what’s to come from these rookies. I hope they get more popular in the near future because they have so much talent.


2. Target – Awake

Target is one of my favorite groups. I found them through their companies other boy group TST (please check them out) a year before they debut. There debut blew me away. I love the rap that G.I does in the beginning of the song, I enjoy it because of his unique voice. The chorus makes me smile every time I hear it, it’s an intense song with a video to match. They had an amazing comeback in the 2nd half of the year called ‘Is It True’ which was a much slower song that grew on me over time. Target isn’t very popular yet so please check them out, and their many dance covers.


1. ATEEZ – Treasure

This debut blew me away. Ateez, previously KQ FELLAZ, had a later debut in the year but it was well worth the wait. This song has an amazing chorus, breaking away from the rap that comes before it, a slow and peaceful one that I really enjoy. The video is shot in the desert which matches the song very well. The song that came out at the same time, ‘Pirate King’, is one of my favorites of the year. They just had their first comeback, which is really good, and all I can say is that I’m very impressed. They had so much talent and deserve all of the new fans they are getting.



[Music] Top 10 of 2018

As another year comes to a close, a new one is just beginning. A bunch of amazing things happened in 2018 that will forever change Korean Music. 2019 will be filled with so many more opportunities and records.

Note: * is Japanese 


Tia’s List ~ 
10. Magic Shop BTS
9. Sexy 4 EvaJay Park
8.  Shoot OutMonsta X
7. DDU-DU DDU-DUBlackPink
6. SerendipityBTS
5. Love MazeBTS
4. Waste it on MeSteve Aoki ft. BTS
3. SojuJay Park ft. 2Chainz
2. Moonchild RM
1. SeoulRM


Ella’s List ~
10. Pirate KingATEEZ
9. AwakeTarget
8. Save Me, Save You WJSN
7. Secret GardenOh My Girl
6. My FlowerJBJ
5. Oh! My MistakeApril
4. Love BombFrom_is9
2. Hocus PocusPLT
1. Good EveningSHINee


MinJoon’s List~
10. RBBRed Velvet 
9. Shoot MeDay6
8. I Love You EXID
7. Wind Flower MAMAMOO
6. Kimino Mikata KYARY PAMYU PAMYU *
Touch & Sketch LEO
4. TravelBol4
3. Shinin’Jonghyun
1. Our PageSHINee


Michael’s List –
10. Starry NightMAMAMOO
9. I am YouStray Kids
8. PlaylistDPR LIVE
7. Our Dawn is Hotter than DaySEVENTEEN
6. Bad BoyRed Velvet
5. Fake LoveBTS
4. Yes or YesTWICE
3. Good Evening SHINee
2. Regular NCT 127
1. I’m So SickApink


RD’s List –
10. Butterfly San E x Mad Clown
7. Soju (Remix) ft. Simon Dominic, Changmo & Woodie Gochild – Jay Park
6. Jealousy Monsta X
5. LookGOT7
4. Fake LoveBTS
3. DejavuNU’EST W


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[Music] MinJoon’s Monthly Top 10 – July 2018

It’s now July, and the heat is kicking real hard in Vegas. Stay cool, stay hydrated. Let’s get onto our list shall we?


I was a bit confused on if the sub unit was called Samina, or just the title was weird. So, looking into this, this sub unit is all the girls that participated in Produce 101 Season 1. There is a short scene where they all answer the phone, and each member has their own color; it honestly reminded me of Power Puff Girls, and their Emergency Phone. I thought it was kind of funny that the sign on the closed shop said “Sorry We’re Holiday!” The song and MV have this rockabilly vibe, almost a MAMAMOO powerhouse vintage feel, if ya get what I’m trying to say. Its a fun little vacation song, and I find it to be cute, and different from Gugudan’s usual style.

Leave it up to Seventeen to play with the aesthetics. Their MV’s are always artistic in some sort of way, though they don’t always tell a story, they are very pleasing to watch. I also like how they took on the dancing this time, with the different times of movement; reminds me of those soldier walks. I’m really glad they brought back the clouds, it brought back memories of Adore U. They honestly never fail to impress me with how much talent they really do have.

8. Retro FutureTriple H
The beginning of this music video kind of starts off looking like a purge movie, the show up at a couple’s house with masks and baseball bats, and ring the door bell, that seems to have a camera attached. The beginning also starts off with some Cha Cha Slide remix in the background, Well the trio makes it into the home and starts trashing it and playing around with the couple inside. The song itself has old funky beats and some new vibes, so it really fits with the title Retro Future; but we all know that if Hyuna is involved, its going to sound sexy as well. The MV also has a lot of ink spill filters to give it that old vibe as well, other than that it is very artistic.

7. I’m So SickApink
I feel as this month is a more retro/vintage month. In this video we have a lot of VHS filters, Old box TVs, and film tape, that unfortunately is being more abused than looked at, such as sitting in a sink, or being touched with fingers. I really enjoy the chorus it gives the song a different kind of feel to it. The lyrics go on to talk about how they don’t have the same feelings they used to, but how they don’t really want it to end, though they cannot continue lying about their feelings. It also feels like the other person’s feelings has changed as well, they say “you call every night when your drunk and show no sign of sincerity” So it seems both sides are trying to hold on to feelings that are no longer there. 

6. Dance The Night AwayTwice
Now this MV confuses me a tad bit and I have been reading into some theories for it. So, the girls end up on a strange island, and they start building shelter and gathering food and all that, and thanks to their good effort, they have a party. Well notice how Nayeon, Momo, Mina, and Jungyeon are all wearing full black dresses that don’t seem to fit the time era of the rest of the outfits? And they also didn’t really help create the shelter and/or help getting food. Twice even mentioned that this was a bit of a Horror theme, but at first glance you really don’t notice much. Some have theories that those in black are ghosts, and are trying to keep the rest of the girls on the island. It’s also strange how in the beginning they are calling out for help, and waving out to the ocean for any sign of help, but at the end, when a cruise ship passes by the island, they go back to sleep and forget about it. What’s your take on this MV?

5. Ride on the WindKARD
I can always appreciate that KARD has a lot of choreography in their music videos, it really does tie the video together. I really like the summer beach vibes, it seems they honestly had a lot of fun filming this on the beach. To me the song sounds a bit like uncertainty in a relationship between friends potentially becoming lovers. The male part is asking how do I get into your heart, what am I not doing, I can wait; while the female part is asking, do you really like me, tell me you don’t hate me, and is all brought together with ‘Ride on the Wind’. Ride on the wind almost sounds like another way to say go with the flow, just let nature take its coarse.

4. Always You ASTRO
Beautiful Astro, beautiful! I actually love this. Also I’m super excited about their hair colors this comeback, I have a soft spot in my heart for green hair. (if anyone remembers my hair was green for two years). This comeback has a lot of emotion in it, and I adore that ASTRO can always pull that off. The music video switches around from clear, black and white, to full colors and its very visually pleasing.

3. EgotisticMAMAMOO
This song has a very Latin feel, but stays true to MAMAMOO’s unique style. They take on a very sensual feel to this MV; such as Hwasa in a bathing suit, Solar on a pole, the hip rolls, skit slits. I like that Moonbyul plays up her style a lot, between a Mariachi jacket to a very feminine two piece suit. You can also see more of Wheein’s tattoos, I’m not sure how many are hers or just for this comeback, but they suit her. I also like the new logo they are using.

2. Summer Night’s DreamFTIsland
Wow oh Wow, Hongki is looking cute! The way he acts in this music video reminds me of the way he acted as Jeremy in You’re Beautiful; just that shy almost dorky cute love. I do believe the theme has a bit of a MidSummer Night’s Dream in it, with the soft focus, flowers and romance. They are even performing in a theatre.

1. Touch and SketchLeo
Wow oh wow. This is really sexy. I am extremely proud that Leo is doing a solo, he’s so passionate with his work, and it shows in Canvas. The video in short reminds me of “Paint me like one of your french girls.” It’s very sexy, lots of painting, amazing choreography, it’s awesome. You can also see how much Leo has broken out of his shell, and how much his acting comes out in this.



MinJoon Ives

[Music] MinJoon’s Monthly Top 10 – June 2018

It’s June and it’s extremely hot in Vegas!! Why not beat the heat with these cool beats! Haha sorry, I am attempting to make this fun, but for real, it’s super hot.


10. Rain SoundsMigyo
This song is all about missing someone, and how everything falls to memory after a long time. Through the video she goes through the grief of breaking up, and longs for them to comeback or call her when they are drunk. She talks about how her heart is stunned by the sorrow she feels and how everything she remembers is just a memory and no longer things that are happening at the moment.

9. You Are My XXXXXUrata Naoya
Holy Crap, so, Urata is my bias from AAA (triple A, Attack All Around) released solo, that isn’t on itunes or anything, I just happened to see the teaser on twitter. Those who don’t know AAA, they are a 6 member group from Japan, that consists of 2 girls and 4 boys, that debuted in 2005. Anyways, I knew the title had XXXXX in it, but I had no idea it was gonna be lowkey sexy. Urata has such a unique voice and it fits this song and concept very well.

8. SunsetKim Dong Han
So JBJ’s Maknae has a solo! A very impressive Solo. He that some vibe Taemin gives off in his solos, not saying he’s like Taemin, just saying they have a very unique emotion when dancing. Its very sensual they way he dances, and the song fits perfectly with it. I’ve never listened to JBJ, but if this is the vibe him and his members are going to give off, I’ll give it a shot! It’s a very simple but visually pleasing MV.

7. #Cookie JarRed Velvet
This video was a little weird, but super cute. Some how the girls found a random jar of cookies buried in the forest, and thought “Hey lets eat these!” and on this weird magic sugar high they are on, they start to add random ingredients to their sweets, such as shoes. Well now eating those sweets they start getting random buttons, ants and shoelaces inside those sweets, so they destroy all the sweets and smash the now ant infested cookie jar. TBH I hate finding weird things in my food, so it was a little hard for me to watch them pull weird stuff out of cakes and cookies. I do enjoy that the colors of their outfits shift to black to pink. Red Velvet never fails to impress me with their songs, and how often they put them out. Also Congrats on the 1st Japanese Mini Album!

6. Something NewTaeyeon
I really enjoy MV that are half Black and White and half Color. As much as I miss Tae’s blonde hair, she looks amazing as always. It starts off with very random flashes of scenes and then Taeyeon crying, to stepping out of a car onto the red carpet. Then it goes to her being an assassin of sorts. Which usually there is a reason behind it, money, fame, revenge, but at the end Taeyeon throws her suitcases full of money and jewels while shooting them with a shot gun. Very odd but I dig it.

5. Take Me HigherACE
So I actually saw the Relay Dance of this before the MV, and I love the shorts haha. The dance on it’s own is fun and playful. The MV made me crack up a few times at them keeping a straight face while balls were flying at them. I like the bright colors and fun vibe of this MV a lot. Oh! Crop tops!

4. Our PageSHINee
Grab your tissues cause this MV hurt me a lot. Now I know SHINee is on this list twice, and please know that I write all of these out of order according to what comes out first, Anyways… The Music Video shows the members going through training, filming shoots, making music, but all have this underlining want to not feel or be there. It cycles through feelings and with the lyrics together its honestly really emotional. So these lyrics the members wrote for JongHyun, and the album even includes a special track with JongHyun’s vocals included. “목소리 날아 너 있는 곳에 닿을 거란 걸 우린 알잖아” Our voices are flying, We know it’ll reach you wherever you are. SHINee will always continue to fly as 5

3. Shoot Me DAY6
This is an amazing way to shine light onto verbal abuse. The lyrics say its easier to take a bullet than your harsh words. Verbal abuse can happen to anyone in any relationship, and from someone who has received verbal abuse, it honestly is hard to handle words that stick in your mind for a long time, and even DAY6 as idols, hearing harsh words constantly takes a toll on your well being.

Screen Shot 06-29-18 at 09.59 AM
2. 파블로프의 개 (Ft. Cold Bay, Basick)RAVI
So I honestly thought Ravi was going to have a video for this, since he seems to enjoy them, but I don’t blame him. This is a Mixtape, and not technically a comeback, but its new music and that’s what matters to me. It’s a good sound to bounce to, I dig it. I appreciate Ravi’s efforts and how he goes to his friends for feedback. It takes a lot to produce a mixtape, and this being his 3rd one. You can defiantly feel and hear how far Ravi has come.

1. I Want YouSHINee
I want you to love this song as much as I do. I absolutely adore this concept, the edit, the fashion, the style of song. This is a great Summer Bop. It has this late 80s early 90s computer vaporwave look to the MV, and their old fashion look, but with a modern song, *perfect.gif* Its just perfect.



MinJoon Ives



Due to my recent obsession with IEM (In Ear Monitors) that Idols have customized for their liking, we are hosting an art contest! This contest will be submission/vote based, and the winner will picked by the public. We would really like to thank Decora Dolls for making the color page for us ❤

For those who do not know, IEMs play an important role in any artists life, it allows them to be able to hear other singers, themselves, and the music and cancel out outside noise and protect the wearers ears from loud sounds. Not only are they customized in style, they are customized to fit the musicians ear perfectly.


TOPIC: Recreate your own IEM design. Template

DURATION: June 22nd, 2018 to July 22nd, 2018 Submission time.
July 23rd, 2018 to July 31st, 2018 Voting period

35882193_1803541459759656_2461435402171449344_n1. You must be following Unordinary Fans on One(1) Social media site.
2. You must like Decora Dolls, in thanks for creating the outline.
3. Be original with your design, try not to be too similar to an idols pair.
4. It can be digitally colored, you can print it out and color it, any way you wish to design it. It does not have to be colorful, it can be black and white.
5. All submissions must be EMAILED to
(Subject: Art Contest), including a screenshot of rules 1 and 2.
6. All entries will be posted to our Facebook page, for the voting process, the photo with the most likes wins.
7. US only.


PRIZES: An album of their choice (does not exceed $40)


If you have any questions, comments, concerns, please message us on any social media platform.

[Music] MinJoon’s Monthly Top 10 – May 2018

After taking a ridiculously long break from this, I thought it would be a grand idea if I sparked this flame back to life. It is now the end of a very hot May here in Las Vegas, which makes it a great time to sit back, have a lemonade and listen to some tunes. Just a reminder that being 1 on the list does not mean it’s better than number 10, its just numbered in the order that I remember them. Edit: I set this to be a scheduled post, but it never posted, so I’m sorry that it’s being posted late!


10. You and IDreamcatcher
Dreamcatcher is on point with their style for all of their comebacks. I love the darkness and the fashion they bring to the stage. They have a bunch of sounds that sound almost similar to Japanese Visual Kei Rock, which I adore because you are getting the best of both worlds.

9. Love YaHyukoh
Okay I love this music video. It’s so cute, it’s filled with lovers of different ages, genders, races, and cultures. It’s super laid back, the set is like a get together, and I love the vintage style to it. Who doesn’t just love love? And there is a cute dog in it! It’s just a big party of love, romantic, platonic, and family Love.

8. How R U TodayN. Flying 
With beautiful scenic shots and a soft flow chill vibe, this MV is great. It’s got this soft blur focus and very aesthetic theme. I am digging the boost and blur filter through out the MV. I feel like I am going to sing this when I talk to people now, and I’m totally okay with that. I honestly love when MVs are shot out in nature, it just gives a good vibe.

7. Bingle BangleAOA
I am such a sucker for 8bit and video game themed MVs. This is super cute in how they incorporated the 8bit game characters into real live scenarios, instead of just making the whole MV in 8bit. Also, they are playing a game cube, that’s awesome!

6. OUTCASTSouth Club
It seems this month was full of very vintage filters and styles in MV, which I love, I live for this aesthetic. Taehyun is wearing the boyfriend tee, its got a super chill laid back theme to the MV. It’s filmed outside, the girls in the MV are beautiful. I love this.

5. DramaticNTB
Again with the beautiful filters on these MVs, they are so aesthetically pleasing. This is my first time hearing of NTB, but I really dig this song, the dance has a lot of the popular moves in it, such as the shoot dance. Beautiful scenic shots, playful boy running the town shots; overall its cute and modern, and I find myself singing the chorus as I type this.

4. Bonnie N Clyde24K
I was honestly waiting for this comeback since Cory was dropping hints on his IG. I will admit, it wasn’t in till the second time listening to it that I started to like it; it is a lot all at once. I enjoy the car aspects in this MV, and as always, 24k always gets me with their dancing skills.

maxresdefault (1)
3. SelfishMoonbyul of MAMAMOO ft. Seulgi of Red Velvet
In this MV I love that they brought in some of Red Velvet’s fashion style but MAMAMOO’s silly hang out type music video style. It’s a nice balance between the two girls. Also, more video games! I am glad to see Moonbyul finding her style as a rapper and stepping out to do her own song, she’s an amazing singer and rapper, so hopefully this shows the world that it’s okay that she is selfish with her talents and how she uses them.

2. Good EveningSHINee
This song has such an amazing beat to it, and it feels really good to see SHINee back again. From the oranges to short hair, this is a very visual MV, there isn’t any defined story line, which is fine, its a beautiful music video regardless. I love the over all tone and color of this MV, its fun but chill, and it looks like there is a tad bit of angst in it as you see Key beating the piano keys.

1. Fake Love BTS
So, for this MV, I found out that the director didn’t use any CGI, all the fire, water, explosions are 100% real. That is honestly amazing, it can get pretty pricey for that kind of stuff, and they pulled it off flawlessly. Not only is the MV true to it’s element, it was also debuted at the BBMAs here in Las Vegas, and the album hit No.1 on the BillBoard music charts. It’s also nice to see dark haired BTS again, and they seem to really be enjoying it. I will point out, that I wish I could buy BTS their contacts, more natural looking ones, cause it does weird me out that their contacts are just…. off, but that’s just a personal thing. Also, abs, didn’t know we were bring that back but I’m down.