Getting High With H1GHR MUSIC In LA!

May the 4th be with me. And it was; because recently on May 4th I went to go see H1GHR MUSIC’s first United States tour. I headed over to LA, but this time to see Sik-K, Woodie Gochild, Ph-1, Jarv Dee, Avatar Darko, Phe Reds, Raz Simone, Ted Park, and Cha Cha Malone. It was a beautiful day in LA this time. It wasn’t as cold as when I went in April.

The show took place at 333 Live this time which is a 2 story nightclub located on South Boylston and West 4th streets. I’d say this time around we didn’t have to wait too long before being able to go in. The first artist to perform was Ted Park. Now keep in mind that before this concert I didn’t really listen to any of the artists’ music besides Sik-K and Woodie’s, so I didn’t know what to really expect except that it was going to be lit since the H1GHR MUSIC label was created by Jay Park and Cha Cha Malone. At first, I was kind of iffy on Ted Park’s music, but after seeing him perform live and first, he definitely got the crowd lit off the bat and set the great mood for the rest of the show. After him was the self proclaimed “bad boy” of H1GHR MUSIC: Avatar Darko. And he did live up to his name haha. He was climbing on top of the speakers and stuff getting hype and the crowd wild. I’m so glad he didn’t fall and create an awkward mood haha. Then for some reason in the middle of his set he decided to take his shirt off and belt out. Not unexpected though for the bad boy of H1GHR MUSIC.

The first 2 artists already made the people of LA tired haha but then they dropped Woodie on us and the mood went through the roof! I thought for sure Woodie was going to be one of the last artists to perform since he is such a popular part of the H1GHR MUSIC team –but hey, I was all for it. Woodie Gochild was one of the artists I really wanted to see on tour and I’m so blessed to finally see him in person perform live. Even more blessed that he performed his hit song ‘LET’S GET IT’ and unreleased material off of his upcoming album under H1GHR MUSIC! I would love to see Woodie Gochild in person perform live again somewhere. Then when the Gochild was done with his set, the vibe turned sexy as Phe Reds made his way on stage with his own guitarist. He performed his only song under H1GHR MUSIC so far ‘Smile’ since he is a newer artist, but he also did amazing covers of other songs too. Raz Simone then came out after Phe Reds slowed down the vibes and he created a based mood in the crowd haha. He parted the crowd in front of the stage all the way back to the sound guy who was in the back of the club just so that during his set he can interact with the crowd and go through them, so that everyone can feel as one. I liked that. There were two of his guys passing out little promotional cards of his website where you can go download his free music before the show outside. I might go check it out sometime after seeing what he did at the show. Then, Cha Cha even hit us with some songs –some songs of his own even –and people were excited to see him, because “We needed a Cha Cha beat boy!” hahaha. Then, I don’t know if a lot of people knew this about Cha Cha but him, Jay Park, Phe Reds, and other members of H1GHR MUSIC used to also be breakdancers. Cha Cha closed out his set by having a one on one battle with Phe. It was too hot. Even I was giving props as I was also a fulltime breakdancer in the past so I had to pay my respects. Jarv Dee came up after Cha Cha and I was cracking up because he kept saying, “Motherfxxking LA you ain’t loud enough. This is motherfxxking H1GHR MUSIC!” throughout his set haha. And hey, he wasn’t wrong. He was a beast on the mic though as the flow and intensity he brings while he raps is just fire. Even if I also didn’t know too much of Jarv Dee just like most of the LA crowd, I still found myself going hot and mean dancing and turning up to his music. He was nuts! hahaha! I think he is more of the “bad boy” of H1GHR MUSIC than Avatar Darko haha.

Then, the moment MOST of the crowd was waiting for –or at least I thought it was haha. I thought Sik-K was coming out on stage …but how could I forget that PH-1 didn’t perform yet?! I guess I was having too much fun throughout the entire show haha. I’m so glad this show seemed so much longer. So yeah, PH-1 came out next -looking fly as always and I was able to bring my mood way up again and get my happy vibes on as he performed ‘PERFECT’, ‘Donut’, and other of his bops. Then, to close out introducing the artists of H1GHR MUSIC, finally Sik-K the man I was there to see MOSTLY(as I’ve always been a big fan of his collabs on other artists’ work and his own chill music as well) came out looking like he didn’t know he was the man there everyone came to see haha. The crowd got so loud! I loved it haha. He performed ALL of his hits, so I’m not going to name them here as you all can just go and look ’em up and support his great music. I will say this though, he did perform some songs he did with Jay(he even performed some of Jay’s songs haha) and with artists he specially appeared for on Show Me The Money. Then after Sik-

Screen Shot 05-21-18 at 01.49 PM

K’s set I thought they were about to close out the show. Surprise! Yultron showed up hahaha! But I feel that story of that turn up is confidential and special to the people that went, so Imma leave that for us that went haha.

At the end of the show we took a picture -H1GHR MUSIC and the crowd. Try to see if you can find me haha. Probably not though, because the LA stop was SOLD OUT! H1GHR MUSIC then left us by performing ‘YeLowS Gang’ and ‘Life is a Gamble’ which I got up and turned the fxxk up because those are my songs and even pulled some boys and girls with me to dance. Ahh It was a lit time at 333 Live in LA on a beautiful Star Wars Day Friday. The night didn’t end though after the show at 333 Live. Oh nooo! hahaha! I met some new show friends that were also mostly there to see Sik-K and we headed over to Club Bound after in Koreatown. I was just there 2 weeks before the show for another show haha. And we had a great time at the H1GHR MUSIC afterparty. Me and one of them actually left together as they lived in LA and I am from Las Vegas, so we wanted to chill more. Ate my dinner at Denny’s on Figueroa. Then walked back to my hotel. I stayed at the LUXE which is a nice hotel also located on Figueroa. I won’t go into too much detail of what happened after the show at Club Bound and all the way back to the hotel and at the hotel, but I will say this: I had a really productive night and fun night that Friday. Waking up on Saturday on Cinco De Mayo with a friend in a hotel in Downtown LA felt like we were higher too.



– RD of Unordinary Fans
Vegas Admin/Concert Blogger




San E and Mad Clown Bring Legendary K-Hip Hop Swag to LA With 1st NA Tour ‘We Want You Tour’

30714647_1649475005147817_1354950545035997305_nHistory went down this past Friday, 4/20. While some people were busily working the day away or indulging in the pop culture meaning of 4/20, San E and Mad Clown were busy working their first tour through the United States. 4/20 was their LA stop and I happily went. If y’all don’t know San E and Mad Clown, they are big names in the K-Hip Hop scene – notoriously known also through their time on Show Me The Money and Unpretty Rapstar. San E is my more favorite out of the two as he is one of my top 3 rappers in South Korea; but it is definitely hard to choose a better favorite between the two. On this tour San E and Mad Clown also bought star features to more amp up the tour as well. They bought along the beautiful, up-and-coming artist Sobae (she has such a great voice and is definitely someone to keep your eye on in the future. She has a chill and cool personality as well which is why she was a perfect complement to San E and Mad Clown.) and renowned dj in South Korea: DJ Juice also from the hip hop based record label, San E’s label, Brand New Music.

8:30 was when people with VIP Meet and Greet were able to enter the venue, the UNION, and go take a picture with San E and Mad Clown — and also Sobae and DJ Juice as well! It was a pretty intimate and close setting as it was done person by person. I won’t share with y’all what I said to each artist as it was a personal moment for me and the artists …but I did hug Sobae and shake hands with Mad Clown, San E, and DJ Juice. After meet and greet was over doors opened for people that got GA and the venue filled up. There were couches on the side of the venue in opposition to a choice of standing in front of the stage since the venue was a nightclub after all. Good choice White Mountain Agency and SubKulture. To open up the show they brought out these 3 artists that I never heard of, but I think they were local artists who shall not be named in this account …since I forgot their names already. I took this time to pregame before the actual artists came out on stage and grabbed myself some beers and mingled with some local LA people and made some new temporary friends for the show. DJ Juice was of course the first one to come out on stage and hype up the crowd with his set. Sobae then came out minutes later and I was glad to see her again. She performed one of her only hits so far ‘Homegirl’. After her song, after keeping the people waiting in excitement, San E and Mad Clown came out on stage together due to Sobae hyping them up and performed their first collab song that they ever worked on together ‘Sour Grapes’. People were so glad and going crazy that two of the most notorious rappers in South Korea were finally in front of them performing in this moment in time. After ‘Sour Grapes’ San E and Mad Clown had a little fun with the crowd and were having a little on-stage back and forth wager of who the crowd came to see more haha telling the crowd to make some noise for either San E or Mad Clown. Of course I made a louder response for San E, but I also gave a reasonable cheer for Mad Clown as he is a legend as well. They then each proved themselves to the crowd as each of them both spit some verses from songs they did on Show Me The Money. It was still hard for the crowd to pick a clear favorite though. Clearly (haha). The atmosphere then switched over to more of a Mad Clown vibe as Mad Clown started performing more of his hits. I liked Sobae too, because she sung for the original female collabs from San E and Mad Clown’s songs that couldn’t be there. Some of my favorites that Mad Clown performed were his OST from Descendants of the Sun, ‘FIRE’, and ‘Love is a Dog From Hell’ among others. My god, my most favorite of his performances of the night though without San E was when him and Sobae performed ‘Stupid In Love’ together (…the whole song too!). I love that song! After Mad Clown had his time, San E came out and hyped up the crowd even more; And I was ready, because I actually also know more of San E’s songs. Surprisingly there were some songs that Mad Clown and San E performed that I don’t recall listening to which is a good thing because I get to discover more of their music now. But yes, when San E came out he performed some of his loved hits as well and I was ready! Among my favorites he performed: ‘Break Up Dinner’, ‘Story of Someone I Know’, and ‘Where Did You Sleep’ – songs I’ve been waiting to hear and see performed live. It was also sweet to see him and Sobae perform ‘Me You’ and ‘A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness’. I like the chemistry they have together. My most favorite performance from his set though was when he performed the song that got me into him in the first place –and that was ‘Body Language’ …even though he said on stage that that song was for the ladies hahaha. But hey, you know fellas be bumping that song too sometimes. After San E wrapped up his solo time, Mad Clown came back out (Sobae and DJ Juice behind the dj table) and then they performed the song we were waiting for the whole night, ‘Butterfly’. The crowd was so hyped! They even taught us the signature dance that goes with the song haha. Easy to do. Then, with every concert, the artists came to the point where they said they had to perform their last song and close up the show which of course was disappointing to everybody because San E and Mad Clown are just so awesome and no one wanted this experience of their first U.S. tour to end. They didn’t leave us though without entertaining us for one last time haha. They did an on the spot cosplay of each other’s style. It was funny because Mad Clown from out of nowhere pulled out a wig or hat of some sort that mocked the long colorful dreads that San E used to rock. That’s all I’m going to say about them here haha. Then they got lit with the crowd one last time in LA as they performed ‘Sour Grapes’ once again. It was in that moment that everyone in that room was just so thankful that San E, Mad Clown, Sobae, DJ Juice, and U.S. fans came together for a first time. It was an awesome, unforgettable show and hands down one of my top 3 shows of this year out of all of the shows that I’ve gone to or am going to this year.
The UNION was such a good, chill venue even though it was my first time being there. The staff of the show and venue even too were all pretty cool. I liked that the nightclub was in Koreatown too. After the concert San E and Mad Clown actually had an afterparty at popular Club Bound in LA K-Town as well. But I will not talk about the shenanigans that went down there in this blog haha. When the night was over I enjoyed my coziness in my hotel bed at an adorable, fancy hotel in Koreatown called the Rotex Hotel and Condos. It was a great trip overall and I can’t wait for my next time down in LA for my next show in just 2 weeks again haha.

– RD of Unordinary Fans
Vegas Admin/Concert Blogger

[Review] MinJoon’s Favorite Dramas!


Why hello there! After finishing up some dramas, I really wanted to create a list of my favorite ones. Then came to realize how hard it is to really pick your favorite! I apologize that they are most all dramas that came out the same year. I will try and link as much as I possibly can about actors, information and such other items 🙂 I hope you enjoy these dramas as much as I do.

10. Blood – 블러드 – Korea – 2015
286fe9b897b295159b6e74c76d14b1201c02ba0b_hqAs much as this drama really upset me with it’s lame ending, I still wanted to include it in my list because Vampires are cool! I am going to start off saying that this drama has a VERY confusing cliffhanger ending. I really enjoyed how their changed Ahn Jae-Hyun‘s Character, Park Ji-Sang, for his ‘vampire’ look, its a little more on the darker side of some looks I have seen. This is defiantly a drama where the lead struggles between good and evil, and looses a lot along the way through that journey. Though Park Ji-Sang is a vampire, he works as a surgeon, at the same hospital Yoo Ri-Ta, played by Ku HyeSun. This series has a lot of blood and death in it; along with surgery, so if that isn’t your thing, maybe this isn’t the best. Fun fact, both leads, Ku HyeSun and Ahn Jae-Hyun got married in 2016!


9. My Unfortunate Boyfriend –  나의 유감스러운 남자친구 – Korea – 20154628_MyUnfortunateBoyfriend_Nowplay_Small
This drama is adorable. It follows a boy, Yoon Tae-Woon, played by No Minwoo, and a girl, Yoo JiNa, played by Yang Jin-Sung. Yoon Tae-Woon is a very sheltered truthful kind soul, who falls for a very petty, bossy, Yoo JiNa, who is willing to do anything to stick a job. Through countless times of Minwoo screaming “JiNa-Shi!” You really fall for the innocents of his character. Tae-Woon lives with his family, and cares for a small flower shop; JiNa is trying to keep a job at a corporate office and soon finds inspiration within Tae-Woon. I actually didn’t know that No Minwoo sung some of the OST songs.


8. You’re Beautiful – Korea – 2009
flat,800x800,075,f.u1Now, I am sure you all know this drama, for it is a classic. Aside from having HongKi of FTIsland and YongHwa of CNBlue, you have amazing actor Jang Keun-Suk and actress Park Shin-Hye! For those who have yet to see this drama, I suggest you watch it now! The drama follows a girl, Go Mi Gemma, who gets mistaken as her rockstar bother Go MiNam. She soon meets her bandmates of A.N.JELL, Jeremy (HongKi), Kang Shin-woo (YongHwa) and Hwang Tae-kyung (Keun-Suk). I really like that each of the love interests have different personalities; Jeremy being the sweet playful, dorky one, Shin-woo being the big brother, boy next door type, and Keun-Suk as the arrogant, tough lover.


7. Gentleman’s Dignity – 신사의 품격 – Korea – 2012
a-gentlemans-dignity-posterThis drama is a little more on the mature side, the characters are middle age, they all have steady jobs, income, and experienced. It does have one main couple it follows, but it also takes time to follow their friends and their relationships The drama follow Kim Do-jin (Jang Donggun), Choi Yoon (Kim MinJong), Im Taesan (Kim Suro), and Lee Jungrok (Lee JongHyuk) through their experiences of being friends since high school, finding love, loosing love, and being married. The main couple to be followed throughout the series is Kim Do-jin and Seo Yi-soo, who is played by the lovely Kim Haneul. The series walks you through how the group of men fall out of their high school, player ways and become respectable romantic men.


6. Hyde Jekyll, Me – 하이드 지킬, 나 – Korea – 2015
castI really wanted to watch this drama based on the title alone, because I love the story behind Jekyll and Hyde. This drama touches base on a man who has Dissociative Identity Disorder, or DID for short. DID is mostly known as multiple personality disorder, where a host can have multiple alters. Goo Seo-Jin, played by HyunBin, is the owner of a large amusement park, he is a cold business man, who tried to remain calm and stay out of stressful situations. For in those stressful situations, his alter, Robin can come to the surface and take over. Jang HaNa, played by Han Jimin, soon falls for Robin, but despises Seo-Jin for wanting to hide a part of him so much. A long with Seo-Jin’s internal fight to keep Robin at bay, HaNa is also at war with Seo-Jin to keep her father’s circus act alive at the amusement park.


5. Bride of the Century – 백년의 신부 – Korea – 2014
bride-of-the-centuryNow I originally watched this because of Lee HongKi, since I am bias towards him; but wow. This drama throws you to the wall. It takes you through a lot of emotional roller coasters! Story goes as an heir needs to marry another wealthy heir, but there is a twist! The bride Jang Yi-Kyung, played by Yang Jin-Sung, is to be married to HongKi’s character, Choi Kang Joo, but is replaced by a double named Na Doo-Rim, throwing Choi through an emotional loop due to both girls’ personalities. Yang Jin-Sung did an amazing job at playing two different roles!


4. She Was Pretty – 그녀는 예뻤다 – Korea – 2015
25273This drama defiantly hit home, and I related a lot to the lead female. This drama stars Hwang Jung-Eum and Park Seo-Joon as childhood friends. Now this drama came out towards September, and both had previously been in Kill Me, Heal Me, as love interests; and I sort of believe that the fact that they ended up playing lovers in a different drama is due to the chemistry they had in Kill Me, Heal Me. She Was Pretty is about Kim Hye-Jin who is going to meet up with an old time friend Ji Sung-Joon. Hye-Jin was a very beautiful child, who slowly stopped taking care of her skin and hair, and became ‘ugly’ to the point where her old friend Sung-Joon couldn’t recognize her. They both end up working at the same company where Hye-Jin becomes friends with Kim Shin-Hyuk, played by Choi Siwon of Super Junior. This was a drama where I wish the lead female went with the second male lead. Siwon was extremely adorable and playful in this drama. I relate a lot to Hye-Jin’s character in this drama, and I found myself sharing similar thoughts and scenarios within this show.



Q2375c.jpg3. My Amazing Boyfriend  – 我的奇妙男友 – China – 2016
Though this is the only non-Korean drama on this list, I will include it because the lead is Korean. This drama was nice, I enjoyed it, there was a lot of comedy tied to it, to sort of turn away from the sorrow and hints of sadness within the drama. It is about a B ranked actress, Tian Jingzhi, played by Janice Wu, who saves, and is also saved by a 500 year old man named Xue Ling Qiao, played by Kim TaeHwan. The drama goes on with the story of Tian Jingzhi and Xue Ling Qiao’s on and off relationship. This is another cliffhanger drama, that the ending isn’t really explained, but you get what happens/happened. Kim TaeHwan has an amazing poker face, and you really fall for his character. I was at the edge of my seat for scenes he smiles in. I also want to clarify that this is not a vampire drama, at first I defiantly thought it was going to turn out to be one, mostly cause I don’t read summaries before i click, but Xue Ling Qiao is immortal. There is some bloody scenes in this, but nothing too crazy.


2. Secret Message – 시크릿 메세지 – 秘密消息 -Korea/Japan – 2015
Secret_Message-spThe story is about a Japanese Woman temporarily living in South Korea, Haruka, who messaged an old line account, and accidentally becomes acquainted with a Korean Man who is temporarily living in Japan to film a documentary on First Loves. Haruka, played by Ueno Juri, moved to South Korea to find herself while taking training as a theater stage performer; while WooHyun, played by T.O.P of BIG BANG,  is visiting a friend in Japan in helps to find people to interview for his documentary. The drama is a short 18 episode series, with 10 minute episodes, only problem, it’s drama fever exclusive for VIP only. This short series has you thinking of the meaning of love in your own life, and what is true love to your own self, it also shines some light on how to let go and move on.


1. Kill Me, Heal Me. – 킬미, 힐미 – Korea – 2015
Kill Me, Heal Me is also about DID, and came out at the exact same time as Hyde Jekyll, Me. I watched both at the same time to see how each was portrayed, both showed male characters with DID, who didn’t have much control over their other alters. As 82_list_image_landscapemedically incorrect a lot of it was, I still found it to be very informing. Kill Me, Heal Me had me in tears most of the time. I bought the OST, posters, I just absolute adored this drama. it touched on love, mental illness and ways to cope with that, child abuse, adoption, and a really weird love interest. The actors were amazing at their parts, Ji Sung did an amazing job at portraying different personalities and having a lot of fun with his part. I think I have watched all of Kwang JungEum’s dramas because I love her acting a lot; she is adorable and I enjoy her. I recommend this 1000/10!

Let me know what some of your favorite dramas are! Do we share the same favorites? Is there any I should watch?



– MinJoon Ives
Co – Founder


[Music] Top 10 of 2017

2017 was such a long year, and so much happened, a lot of history was made in the K-pop world. Well, opening up the new year, we present to you, our top ten songs. As hard as it is to keep track of all the music this year, we did it, just for you! These lists are in no particular order, they are all equal. 

Note: * songs are Japanese. ^ songs are in Chinese


MinJoon’s List~
10. Power EXO
9. 창문 Samuel Seo
7. CatwomanDrug Restaurant 
5. Really ReallyWINNER
4. Come Back HomeBTS
3.  BOMB Ravi Ft. San E
2. I loved you DAY 6
1. DinosaurAKMU


Patty’s List~
10. Pick It UpKis-My-Ft2
9. ColorsV6
8. Peace SignKenshi Yonezu*
7. Hola HolaK.A.R.D
5. HobgoblinCLC
4. Lip & HipHyuna
3. Spring DayBTS
2. YesterdayBlock B
1. Shall We DanceBlock B


RD’s List- 
9. Shangri – La VIXX
8. Movie BTOB
7. Star Boyfriend
6. Runner – UP10TION
5. Can Be Better HIGHLIGHT
4. Remember Me Viction
3. Beautiful Monsta X
2. Hola HolaK.A.R.D
1. RollinB1A4


Iris’s List~
9. 고쳐주세요 (Fix Me) 볼빨간사춘기 (Bolbbalgan4)
8. DramaramaMonsta X
7. Where You At NU’EST W
6. Okay Jackson Wang ^
5. Intro: SerendipityBTS
4. 새 신발 (I Wander) – 예은 (HA:TFELT)
3. Let Me OutJongHyun
2. You in MeK.A.R.D
1. MoveTaemin


Dance Cover Contest!

– Must submit as video only (.mp4, private, or public youtube video) and before January 20th, 2018 12:00 am CLT.
– Must be a cover of any Korean Pop song with Choreography. This includes Songs like Jay Park – All I Wanna Do performed by 1MILLION.
– Can be any ANY K-Pop song, from any era, any group, any style.
– Mashup are okay!
– No time limit on dance. (Meaning your song can be 1 minute or 10 minutes)
– No limit of members. Can be a solo, duo, or group. (for groups like EXO, Seventeen)
– Open to Nevada, California, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado.


How to enter:
Email all entries and/or questions to . Please name subject ( Dance Cover Contest – *insert solo, duo or group name* )
Contact  IG, or Twitter:
Link to Dance Cover or attachment:


Submitting Duration: August 24th, 2017 – January 20th, 2018
Judging Duration: January 21th – 31st, 2018
Winner Notification: Febuary 1st, 2018


Style – 30% of score
Personality // Presence – 30% of score 
Overall Performance – 40% of score 

Extra Points – Video work (i.e. Camera angles, quality of video, location, ect.)

Winner(s) will receive a bag full of Kpop goodies, albums, merch, and more.



– Not following rules
– Judging or Singling out other groups, solos or duos
– Submitting a non cover video

SHINee World V – First USA Tour

As an International Shawol, it’s a dream to attend SHINee’s legendary “SHINee World Tour” selling out major cities and arenas such as Japan’s ‘Tokyo Dome’ selling 50,000+ tickets multiple days in a row.
    Thanks to the team at SubKulture Entertainment our dreams have finally come true after 8 years, The first ever North American branch of SHINee World Tour had begun. Starting in Canada, kicking off the successful tour in Toronto and Vancouver, Then bringing it down to the states, where i was lucky enough to not just go to one, but both US dates!
       Flying from Las Vegas, to Dallas early morning on the 24th, my journey began. After checking into my hotel, having a meal and heading down to the venue. The Dallas stop of the tour was held in the Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie TX. I had a P2 ticket, and I was first surprised at how well everything seemed to be organized as i entered the venue. I picked up my pre-ordered merch and quickly went down to my seat. With a good view of the stage and quickly meeting some new friends to enjoy it with. They kicked off the start with their song “Hitchhiking” which had the crowd going wild from the beginning. Playing well-known hits such as “Lucifer”, “Hello”, and “Ring Ding Dong”. They had our teal ocean in tears by throwing in their hit ballads Selene 6.23” “투명 우산 (don’t let me go)with JongHyun and Onew singing “잠꼬대 (please don’t go)”.They ended the concert with songs off their latest album “1 of 1” . As the boys told us stories about their tour so far, from Keys Gucci suit burning in Canada to what the members had for lunch. As the night came to an end we were sent off with memories to last a lifetime. That wasn’t the end for me, as I had a flight the next day to see them again at their LA show.  
  Last stop… the LA stop was held in the Shrine Auditorium. The same concert, same songs, same outfits, but a whole new day full of emotions and adventures. The concert pretty much stayed the same as Dallas, but with new jokes and stories told by the group. Key, MinHo and TaeMin all impressed us with their English skills, while JongHyun and Onew stuck to Korean with very little English. We still enjoyed every word they said, ending the concert we sang Happy Birthday to JongHyun as his birthday was the next week. As we said our goodbyes, the boys returned to Korea well rested with smiles and hopefully we impacted them as much as they did us.  
   Over all the SHINee World V was a dream come true with an experience and memories i’ll never forget, although people called me crazy flying to both concerts I would do it all over again.

 Kitty Smith


BTS Wings Tour in Anaheim Day 1

Getting tickets for this was extremely stressful, and thankfully my friends dad helped us out. Quoting him “I think BTS stands for Bullshit Ticketmaster Sucks” haha. We stayed at the Westin in Costa Mesa, which is kind of far from the Honda Center in Anaheim, but

View from Hotel Room

we were okay with that. We got there extremely early on Day 1, which seemed kind of insane to me, but my friend really wanted merch and the new lightstick. So waiting in a line that seemed forever, we got her lightstick! Which left her old one for me to use. There were so many ARMY Moms! It was so nice getting to meet them all!

We finally found where we needed to line up to get in, and then, at the doors, found out we couldn’t bring our backpack or cameras inside the venue! Which sucked cause then we had to find a way to check them in, and hoped our cameras would make it out alive. With all the threats that have happened in the past with Rap Monster and now Jimin, we 17796762_1846562885606913_242929124084820955_nunderstood why they needed to do this, but we wish we had known before we left the hotel room.

They started off the concert with Not Today, which really got everyone hyped up! It was actually really hard for me to believe I was actually at this concert. I wish they let us bring our cameras in so I could have got some good shots. I miss it so much. Seeing their smiles, their voices live, is really something I hope everyone gets to see one day. They did perform their old songs such as No More Dream, but in a rock remix, that was really cool! During Fire, we had a Fire sea and during Spring Day 17629822_1295009120612895_2500240890045190609_nwe had the rainbow sea! The one thing that really got me is that everyone shouted “We Love You!” during Rap Monster’s Reflection. This was just an amazing experience, and I’m so very thankful I got to live it, and meet the people I got to meet.




-MinJoon Ives