[Review] BLONOTE by Tablo

Wow, just wow! This book as simple as it is, is really something I needed. I happened to buy the Korean and English set with a CDC0BkylnUQAQqsrE

So, The Pink and Blue cover is Korean, and the Black and Grey is English. The CD is of Tablo explaining what BLONOTE is; and what it means to him. He reads some of the notes inside, though he admits he finds reading out loud a big awkward for him, as he is used to rapping things he writes. He then ends the small podcast saying “This is your book now, how it translates into your life is how it helps you.” He wants this to be a book you can find simple answers to. At first I thought it sounded very cheesy and almost like one of those Hallmark cards; but when I started to actually get into the books, that thought changed so much.

These notes aren’t just simple sayings or silly little things you hear everyday, they are real things to bring thoughts. There is also 19 written pages from artists, directors and even students; one of those people being G-Dragon himself. Tablo picked notes that he felt fit those people, or just were ironic things for those people to write. I feel like this gives a personal touch on these quotes and brings them to life a little bit more.

“Unattained love is still called love. Why do we call unattained dreams, failure?” 

A lot of the quotes talk about learning to love and accept yourself first, finding your own paths and dreams, and simple coaching on life. The book almost reminds me of a few snapchats Tablo put of out, but on a more serious note, then what was said in the snapchats.

Overall, I’m extremely thankful for this book, it wasn’t something I knew I needed, till I had it in my had. I really hope you all get a copy, and maybe a copy for someone you feel needs it; even if they don’t know Tablo. Don’t forget to read Tablo’s other books as well!

Stay Epik!




Let me start with saying this is a fifty-fifty series. You’ll either like it or you wont. I am in love with this series so much and because I have not yet finished the entire manhwa this is all to tell you lovelies to give it an honest try. So please bear with my personal fangirling and try to enjoy the information below. Then by all means you are welcome to share your own opinions and thoughts about it.

This is a manhwa written by Jeho Son and Kwangsu Lee. As you read you will notice the art subtly changes as the artists and authors skills become more and more developed.  Is English not your preferred or first language? No worries it’s been officially translated by professionals into several other popular languages and the fans have even done unofficial translations into even more different languages. This series has gathered enough popularity to earn a short thirty minute Aeni going very quickly through the key points of only  the first chapter. It’s not in English but there are subtitles. The manhwa first debuted in 2007 and is still on going, so far as to be past six volumes. Also happy to say they have a prequel story about Raizel and Frankenstien called “Noblesse: Rai’s Adventure”. Maybe I’ll do a review about this one as well soon. As I am merely 212 pages in I felt it time to share it with all of our readers. Mystery, suspence, action, all sprinkled with a lovely layer of comedy. Supernatural beings roam the shadows of the human world with us none the wiser. Vampires aren’t all what the stories say they are and the more you read the more is revealed to you, like most well written works. These aren’t your regular vampires either and as beautiful as they are this is no where near like ‘Twilight’. It’s not so easy to explain without giving too much away, but even the strongest of creatures need protecting from time to time, that’s were the Nobelesse come into play (please do not ask me how to pronounce this. I try and I swear I am saying it wrong cause I just sound plain silly).

Follow Cardis Etrama Di Raizel (Our main character and my cover art favorite). after he has awaken from his mysterious 820 year nap. Meet is gorgeous and loyal servant Frankenstien who is equal parts beautiful as he is terrifying. Shinwoo, Yuna, Suyi, and Ikhan, four high school students caught in the middle of all this mayhem still kept in the dark about the truth. Along with more beautifully developed characters to come. My personal bias being M-21(silver hair and scar on his lip, top left corner). In order from M-21 would come Seria and Regis, followed by Tao and Takio. Here’s the catch, you have to read past the first chapter to meet that top row of characters, but they are important and truly well developed. I am honestly so excited to keep reading more and more. It’s well worth the wait to meet everyone, in the first chapter and after.  nobelesse main characters

(In left to right order the characters names: M-21, Seria, Regis, Tao, Takio, Frankenstien, group picture, Cardis Etrama Di Raizel (Rai), Shinwoo, Yuna, Suyi, and lastly Ikhan. )

Each chapter is set up rather similarly till the end of chapter three; meaning here’s the good guys, some conflict, bad guy that’s too powerful to beat, then the ever predictable triumph, and repeat. You’ll come to learn more about who Cardis Etrama Di Raizel is and how powerful he is further into the series. Till then just enjoy his clueless and equally hilarious moments trying to adapt to modern society, followed by how much of a badass he and his servant really are. Small warning you may find similarities to Ciel and Sebastian between Raizel and Frankenstien. Frankie is more than just one hell of a butler, and there is a real, strong, and caring relationship between master and servant here, making it heartwarming and entertaining.

Our authors surely know how to throw a wrench in your suspensful cliffhanger with some form of domestic hilarity, which has to be the main reason I say give this a read. Even though these characters aren’t all human anyone can easily relate to one or more of them. By now you must be asking where can you read this masterpiece? Easy, most manga/manhwa reading sites carrying it, but it’s home site is webtoons.com (links will be provided at the end,) or as I read it on the webtoons app.Nice and comfy on my phone. That Aeni I mentioned back at the beginning can be watched on Crunchyroll and Youtube. Bonus good news you don’t need to pay to read or watch on any of these sites, but if you do like it you can always give your support on their patreon.
So here is my big question for all of you, What do you think of it? What are you looking forward to seeing more reviews on?

Noblesse Manwha 

Noblesse: Awakening

[Review] This Boy Suffers from Crystallization.

This one episode short series has to be the cutest thing I have ever seen. It stars a high school boy, Ayumu Tamari, trying to graduate after being held back a year due to his illness of crystallizing whenever he is stressed, nervous, or anxious. Finding it hard to relate to his classmates due to what they will think of him he often makes the crystallizing worse. Till home room teacher Kouya Onihara tells him just how beautiful his crystallization really is. With his sensei’s help he learns to cope with his illness and start to love himself and possibly another?

In the short half hour there is so much relatable content of detrimental but entirely normal feelings everyone face and even has a cute love story for us to follow. One almost wishes there was more than just thirty minutes to it. I have to highly recommend this to everyone. It is rated PG-13 for the suggestive content. I say this is perfect for anyone interesting in high school, drama type series, but in reality just anyone who wants to watch something that has a feel good ending. It’s inspired myself to work a little harder even if I fail from time to time all currently while fighting off the flu.

The animation may throw you for a loop as it is not the greatest quality of work, though it is no less beautiful; has an artsy tone to it. Like one is watching it through a crystal of their own. It came out in December 3rd, 2014 by CoMix Wave Films; making this holiday season the perfect time to watch it, even though the short has nothing really to do with the holidays. Having it air in December is a good enough reason for this viewer. Last but not least it is on myanimelist as well as crunchyroll for those of you interesting in giving this a try. After all don’t we all need a little break from the serious shows out there playing with our feels and making us wait week after week for an update. (I’m talking about you Yuri on Ice!!)


[Review] Dermal Collagen Essence Sheet Masks by MinJoon

Hello! So today I am going to go over Dermal‘s Collagen Masks. I got a pack of 16 of them on Amazon, and there is so many different kinds! I’ll go over a few of them, since there are so many, I don’t want this to go on forever. Each mask is in Korean, English and Japanese.

Each pack does something different, they have Moisturizing, Convergence, Brightening, Firming, Regeneration, Soothing, Refining, and some that I’m sure just don’t make sense due to translation, such as, Health, Nutrition, and Mild. Each does 3 things (i.e. Pearl does Moisturizing, Convergence, and Brightening)

Since I only got 16 of them, I was not able to get all the ones Dermal has to offer in the same series(each mask is linked), such as Wine, Pomegranate, Red Ginseng, Grape, Arbutin, Seaweed, Aqua, Acerola, Apricot, Moisture Facial, Rose, Strawberry, Cherry Blossom, BambooVegetable Placenta, Natto, Bee VenomHoney GrapefruitOlive, Acai Blueberry, Milk, and Ginkgo; leaving that being 39 in total. On the back of each pack is a number as well. On Dermal’s site, each sheet is 1,000₩ (won), which is about 86 cents, or a $1. I got 16 packs for $12.29, which is about the same I would pay if I got them straight from the Dermal site. You can see Dermal’s site here x, and they do have all their stuff in Korean, English and  Japanese.

One of the first ones I used is Royal Jelly, which says to refine, moisturize and give back some nutrition in the skin. It smells almost like sweet honey, but the scent is so faint it’s hard to tell exactly. It is a bit sticky, but some serums range from being sticky to being very watery, so I wasn’t too concerned. During the 15-20 minutes you should keep the mask on, I could feel my skin becoming very hydrated, it was just drinking this mask up! So, after 15 minutes, I checked to see if the mask was super dry or still a bit moist, since it was a bit moist, I left it on for a total of 25 minutes. I removed the mask and patted the remaining serum into my skin as directed, and my skin felt so different, it felt super soft and just moisturized! It really made a big different in hydrating my skin. Also, after my face was completely dried the stickiness was completely gone.

Another mask I used is Hyaluronate. Now if my years of high school science taught me anything, it would be that Hyaluronate is salt in hyaluronic acid, which helps your skin look younger. The pack says that it is Firming, Moisturizing and mild. It has a soft sweet scent that I cannot put my finger on, but I like the smell of it. This mask hydrated my skin amazingly, and it also it up a bit too, not enough to look totally different, but you feel different. (i.e. When you wake up your skin is kind of puffy and wrinkly, and as you start to wake up, your skin slowly goes back to how it was, That is what the mask did, just smoothed it out a bit)

You see and feel differences with these masks. I use one a week just so I’m not wasting them and I can see the different they really make. I really do recommend these collagen masks! I am giving these masks a 10 out of 10, for extreme moisturizing, being fair priced and having THREE languages to go off, AND from what I’ve read online, they are cruelty free!



[Review] My Lip Tint Pack by MinJoon

I LOVE THESE! Now I always had a really hard time finding a good lip tint that didn’t smear around and was actually more of a stain than a gloss or lipstick. I got the whole set that includes the colors Virgin Red, Vivid Scarlet, Lovely Peach, Pure Pink, Bubble Pink, and Sexy Red. My Favorites are Lovely Peach and Sexy Red.


Virgin Red, is your very normal Red color, it is very soft and isn’t like BAM red, its very playful but also could be used for a sexier fierce look.

Vivid Scarlet is almost very in between Red and Orange.. Its amazingly pretty though.

Lovely Peach, Its a very Orange Peach, and I love it, Its not very orange and strange looking

but I find this one to look amazing on my skin, since I have very Winter colored skin, it really warms up my skin tone and makes me look a little more alive and not so dead.


Pure Pink, Now this is your neon pink, its very pink, I find it to match my normal lip color a little too much to really use it very much, but I do like it.

Bubble Pink, Its very bubble gum colored, I have heard a lot of people say that the two pink colors smell worse than the rest, but I don’t really notice that.

Sexy Red, I LOVE this color, its very I just ate a bunch of cherries and now my lips are stained color. Its very Cherry more than Red, but its very stuttle and not BAM Dark lips! It is the sexiest of them all.

Now with these lip tints, you apply them, wait 10-15 minutes and then peal them off, and they stain your lips. So if you are going out for the day, its best to try these on a day before just incase you don’t like it. I have almost used all of my Sexy Red up, which is okay because each color is sold seprately. I got the whole set pack for around $40 on Amazon. with 2 day shipping. DO NOT BUY THESE ONLINE IN THE SUMMER, I came home an hour after the mail man came and I had to leave them in the fridge for 2 hours to chill down because the heat melted them.

They do stain hands, I’m not too sure about clothing, but I’m not willing to ruin anything to see if they do. These are a must have for Summer in Vegas. It gets hot, you really don’t want make up on your face because you get sweaty, but these are perfect. At first they can be a bit awkward to use, because your used to just putting your lip stick on, and being done with it, but Its good to finish your face, put this on, do your hair and then peal it off and be set for the day/night. My friends enjoy them as well, and have bought them too.

The taste horrible, so don’t lick your lips. They last for a good 8+ hours. Keep your lips hydrated during the day, use your favorite clear gloss or chap-stick to really shine up your lips. I noticed that if you have chap-stick on before putting these on, they won’t stain as well, and won’t dry faster either, and just rub off. so start with dry lips and then hydrate after applying.

I heard of this product through Megan Bowen AKA ChoNunMigookSaram on youtube, and with her recommendation I had to try them, and now I am recommending them to you.

I give them 10/10~~