K-Pop Valentines : All the Lovey Dovey Songs!
Anti-Valentines : For all those who aren’t in love or hate Valentines day (including break up songs)
Spring into Summer : Songs for Spring and Summer
Hallyuween : Halloween Songs/stages
Fall into Winter : Songs for Fall and Winter (NO Christmas songs)
K-Mas : K-Pop Christmas Songs

Other Playlists~

MinJoon’s Monthly Top Ten! – Monthly comebacks and debuts. Posted at the end of the month.
January 2016
February 2016
March 2016

Top Ten of 2015 : Patty and MinJoon’s favorites for 2015!
Top Ten of 2016 : Unordinary Fans favorites for 2016!
Ultimate Party Mix : Not sure what music to have at a party? Includes all the songs what have played at our bar nights!